Monday, 5 March 2012

Book Review: How To Lose A Husband And Gain A Life - Bernadette Strachan

Synopsis - To the casual eye, Ruby Gallgher has the perfect life.  Adoring husband, Manny.  Fresh  designer outfit every day of the week.  If Ruby feels the odd twinge of doubt about whether she is actually happy, she learns to ignore it.  After her turbulent past, there's a safety in predictability.  But when - suddenly and dramatically - it all falls apart...Ruby has to lean on somebody she's never relied on before: herself.  Is there life after Manny?  Only one way to find out...

Review - With Ms Strachan's credentials I was expecting a great read.  Unfortunately, this book did not quite hit the spot.  I have to admit finding our heroine rather pathetic.  I understand why, being cosseted by her elderly parents and then kept under her husband's thumb.  The book had a fair mix of characters, the friend who usually turns out to be bad news was not in this case so bad.  Okay, friend's past was not to her credit but in terms of being a friend she did okay.  A thug, a flamboyant gay couple who owned a nightclub, the educated middle-class parents who did their parenting by the book but didn't understand their child and various other extras.  However, with these ingredients it still didn't captivate me enough, there was some humour but not enough to have me rolling on the floor.  2*

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