Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Book Review: Croissants and Jam - Lynda Renham

Synopsis - Annabel Lewis (Bels) has two days to get to her wedding in Rome but her journey is beset with one disaster after another as fate takes its turn.  Will the stranger she meets on the way get her to her wedding on time or will he change her life forever?  Come with Bels on her humorous romantic journey to see if she marries Mr Right or if destiny takes her in a different direction.

Review - Lately, I have found chick-lit to be disappointing and have wondered whether I have grown out of it or if I have had a 'not so good' run of this genre.  Hence, when I found I was just a few pages into Croissants and Jam and had laughed not once, twice but several times, I realised that this was a breath of fresh air.  This book has all the ingredients of good chick-lit, the heroine who is a walking disaster, the domineering, uptight fiancĂ©, the best friend and the interfering mother, for whom no one is good enough for her daughter except Mr Right.  It is packed with humour and I don't mean the odd chuckle I mean serious 'lmao, rofl' laughter, to the extent that after the umpteenth guffaw, my husband asked, "You're really enjoying that aren't you?".  If you want something that will make you laugh your socks off and you are in need of a good cheering up, then this is for you.  A good read for anytime of the year.

I am hoping that Ms Renham is already working on her next book, because if is going to be anything like Croissants and Jam, then I cannot wait. 5*

ISBN 978-0-9571372-0-2  Raucous Publishing 2012

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