Saturday, 17 March 2012

Book Review: Book of Remembrance - Tania Johansson

Synopsis - With the knowledge that what happened five thousand years ago lost to all but a few, the world is in danger of being caught unawares.  In the time that Rakadamon has been locked away,  he has not been sleeping.  He put all his remaining power into wiping away all traces of our history.  After all, how do you defeat against something you know nothing about?

With the Dark Master stirring once more, only a few still preserve the Knowledge and The Book of Remembrance is the only remaining written record.  Unfortunately, Kadin is an orphan with no training and no Knowledge.  Regardless, he is the one who must rise up and lead the resistance.

He discovers that he is blessed with Talents that will help him on his journey.  One of these Talents, the Navitas calls Markai to him.  She is of the Fae and a fierce ally who proves to be a crucial element throughout.  He must find other Talented individuals, but soon realises he is not the only one searching for them.  It becomes a race against the Dark Children and the Twisted Ones.  One which he cannot afford to lose. (Taken from Amazon)

Review - Go on a journey with Kadin and follow him on his quest to conquer evil and restore the world to it's rightful place where all can live without fear.  A wonderful tale, well written and the narrative flows naturally along.  Good characterisations that you can picture in your mind.  Personally, I like to visualise the characters and 'see' them in action.  Of course, the journey is not easy, Kadin has to take along a resentful companion who is a liability as he does not know if he can trust him or not.  Dark forces are wreaking devastation in his wake and it takes a lot of work to find those who can aid in putting the world back as it should be.  Good fun and action packed. 4*

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