Friday, 10 February 2012

Book Review: Terror On Trial - John Boyd

Synopsis - Guantanamo closed?  Terror trials on US soil?  That's only the beginning.
A hero captured: Deep in the mountains of Afghanistan, a SEAL team is ambushed in an attempt to capture the terrorist known as The Banker.
The team members are believed dead, but they are far from it.  Lieutenant Commander Jose Carmona is captured and placed in a cave.  Through a daring escape, he leads his fellow prisoners to freedom.
A Fatal Move: The US President decides to begin closing Guantanamo Prison and holding terror trials on US soil.  US citizens and members of the President's cabinet are against the trials.  Some take justice into their own hands.  Then, something goes wrong.  A legal team involved in the first terror trial disappears.  The demands for their release made by terrorists comes at a steep price, one that even the President can't accept.
A Race For His Life: Carmona returns to the US to discover how his team was set up in Afghanistan.  But first, he has to help his father, who was hospitalised after a vicious assault.
The search for his father's attackers leads Carmona into another ambush, and a collision course, where the stakes could be his own life. (Taken from Amazon)

Review -  I received this eBook as a complimentary copy for review.  Gripping from beginning to end.  You get a real feel for the action and what the characters in this story have gone through.  A book that makes the reader question just how much war and prevention on terror is orchestrated by those in high positions of authority and how much influence they can actually wield over the government.  How good is the CIA and FBI?  Are they really working for the greater good?
Great plot, strong main characters, you know exactly whose side which character is on and you immediately love or loathe them.  I can't wait to read more of Mr Boyd's novels.  4*

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