Friday, 20 January 2012

Guest Blogger of the Month - Jesse Owen

Today I would like to welcome Jesse Owen  from Books 4 Teens to my blog.

Jesse I am honoured to have you over here today.  Jesse's blog can be found here: Books 4 Teens I urge you to check it out. 

Was there a particular childhood book or author that fuelled your love of reading?

I can't remember one from when I was really young but the first I remember reading (and then reading countless times) is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  It is such a magical story, I remember my primary school at the time staging a production of it and our headmaster at the time read the story to the school in preparation.  I've still got my original copy now but it's a bit battered and bruised!

You particularly like to read and blog about YA.  Are there any other genres you also like?

Before I started reading YA I mostly read (and this may or may not surprise you) Chick Lit.  My favourite being The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella.  I have also read a few books by Tom Holt and Wicked (and the follow up stories Son of A Witch and A Lion Among Men though not Out of Oz) by Gregory Maguire.  But since I started reading YA it's now all I read.

You like writing.  Do you write for any magazines or articles other than your blog?  If so, where can we find you?

Not any more, though I did write two short pieces for Western Eye (which is UWESU's student newspaper).

On your blog you mention that you once belonged to the Young Magician's Club.  Is there any inspiration from there to write a book in the future?

I'd  forgotten I'd mentioned that lol.  Although I belonged to the club it was more for the things they sent you in the post that I joined up.  As someone who loves magic (in stories and effects) it was great to get sent magical magazines and newsletters from the headquarters of the Magic Circle!

It would be a nice idea for a story, how would you like to write it?

Do you still practise magic?

From time to time, card magic is the only form I'm confident in (read any good at) and I tend to practise more when I know people want to see it.  At school I practised most evenings as when I was in the sixth form a lot of people wanted to see it (which took me a little by surprise).

You have a day job.  Is the blog currently a hobby or a means to writing and reviewing professionally in the future?

My blog is currently a hobby, I think if I ever started seeing it as work or found that I was getting bored of it I would stop writing it.  I'm not saying I wouldn't love to write a book/haven't written a book - just that nobody would want to see it if I ever submitted it :)

You have a First Class Honours degree in Multimedia Computing.  This must be very handy for hosting your own website.  Have you thought about offering a service to other bloggers or authors?

It does come in handy from time to time but my host made the set-up of a WordPress blog a piece of cake and so most things can be handled by them if something went significantly wrong (eek!)

I like to think that if anyone has problems with WordPress in particular (but also with Blogger to an extent) I can help them out via Twitter or email.  But I don't consider myself an expert, I'd far rather give guidance from the side-lines.

You are learning to play the piano and like music from Wicked alongside Czerny.  Are you learning formally with a view to taking exams?

It would be a fan idea but I'm not, I'm learning for fun to play some great music and I love that we're mixing it up with some classical, some musical and some contemporary.

Do you have any other interests, sports or hobbies alongside the blog and piano?

I don't really do much besides read, piano and TV but I do love musical theatre and we have the Bristol Hippodrome nearby so whenever a musical that I want to see comes by that's where I'll be.  Unless I can justify a trip to London that is ;)

Finally for fun.  Music - what is your current hot listen?

It's more of a soundtrack than just one (I didn't mean to cheat! hehe) but I'm currently listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl soundtrack.

Thank you for sparing your time and being a guest on the blog this month in the blogging community.

Thank you for having me :)


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