Sunday, 29 January 2012

Book Review: Treaty Violation - Anthony C Patton

SynopsisCIA officer Nicholas Lowe had a brilliant future, until a failed operation in El Salvador nearly ruined his career. Ten years later, with the murders of CIA officer Tyler Broadman and his fiancee, the alluring Helena Hernandez, Nicholas returns to the field and assumes control of a CIA covert operation to maintain a U.S. military presence in Panama post-1999. To complete the operation, Nicholas immerses himself in the shady world of drug trafficking, money laundering, and political corruption, but the murder of Tyler's fiancée takes center stage. Who murdered Helena Hernandez? To answer that question, Nicholas unravels the greatest mystery of all -- himself. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - (LibraryThing Members Give away)  The author dove straight in with the scene setting of the story and after two chapters it all fitted together nicely.  I was looking forward to Nick Lowe's journey to Panama.  Typically full of intrigue, you knew all was not what it seemed with his superiors and that there would be double dealings going on.  I liked the way the author showed us the corruption that goes on in politics and how the big fish control the small fry by manoeuvring their favoured leader in place, even using devious and illegal means.  There was little information given about The Order, the gist was that they were a shade of grey and not acting in the best of interests.  But who were they?  Were they a special branch of the CIA?  An equivalent of the Masonic Lodge?  Some characterisations were glossed over, who was K and how did he obtain his position?  What about Nick Lowe, good looking and an operative but what else?  Unfortunately, the end was rather abrupt and inconclusive which I found very disappointing.  3*
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