Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Book Review - When God Was A Rabbit - Sarah Winman

Synopsis - We stood in the middle of our garden, unsheltered, unprotected, and looked around at the turbulence of the lives we backed on to, sat next to, the lives of the neighbourhood, and it shook clear our apathy until we saw again what our life here had been.  There was the sledge our father had made, the one we took to school, the envy of all, and the ghosts of swings and climbing frames that had held us, and dropped us, the sounds of our tears.  And we saw again the cricket and football matches that had stuffed the grass bare at the bottom lawn.  And we remembered the tents we had made and the nights spent within; imaginary countries, us the explorers.  There was suddenly so much to say goodbye to.

Review - A story about the life of a family centring on Eleanor Maude known to all as Ellie.  The story commences at her home which she shares with her parents and older brother and a rabbit called God.  We learn about her friendship with the unusual Jenny Penny, her relationship with her brother and his friend and the odd neighbour Mr Golan who has a profound effect on Ellie's Life.  Eventually her parents have a win on the football pools and they move to Cornwall where the family start a bed and breakfast business.  Through this business Ellie meets Arthur and Ginger who become very close family friends.  Ellie's friendships are unusual in that none of them are conventional, Jenny Penny comes from a single parent family whose Mother goes through different men and Jenny yearns for the stable life of her friend Ellie.  Nancy, Ellie's aunt is an actress and her relationships with different women are fairly short lived.  Arthur is a true English gent who has lived life and Ginger sings for a living, they both have many a tale to tell.

This was an interesting story and made a change from the usual reading matter.  A book with a difference, not for everyone but I thought rather fun even if some of the subject matter was hard. 3*

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