Thursday, 15 December 2011

Book Review: Paradox-Progeny Of Innocence (Book 2) - Patti Roberts

SynopsisTwo Worlds.  One Ancient... still reeling from the ravages of War.  A World where powerful Beings from Ancient Civilizations still rule.  A Realm Where Gods, Angels, Myths and Magic still exists.  And a New World... 

And somewhere trapped in between these two worlds, is Grace.  A young girl searching for answers, happiness, love.... 

So when the charismatic Damon Draco begins to take an interest in her, it doesn’t take long before Grace falls for his alluring charm.  A charm she doesn't quite understand. 

However, when Riley Rivers turns up in Grace's class one day, she starts to question the feelings she has for Damon. 

Then death comes knocking... again... and when three of Grace’s school friends are found burned to death, and their parents die in a fatal car accident that same weekend, some start to wonder if it really was just a coincidence, or a contrived plan to wipe out an entire family? 

And if so, why, and by whom? And more importantly, will evil strike again? 

You can bet your soul on it! (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - This is a series to watch (and read)!  I enjoyed the first book which set the scene, introduced the characters and gave us an introduction to the two worlds that Grace sees.  My review of Paradox: The Angels Are Here can be found here.

This book is even better and the story really takes off.  We are given an understanding of some of the central characters who featured in the first instalment.  There is a real presence of evil at work, with the blackest of characters you could find.  There some new characters introduced and it soon becomes apparent whose side they are on.  Very descriptive writing which really draws you in to the plot.  I cannot wait for more.  My interview with the brilliant Patti Roberts can be read here.  4*

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