Monday, 26 December 2011

Book Review: Chime - Franny Billingsley

Synopsis - Briony knows she is a witch.  She also knows that now her beloved stepmother is dead, she must look after her beautiful but complicated twin sister Rose.  Then the energetic, electric, golden-haired Eldric arrives in her home town of Swampsea, and everything that Briony thinks she knows about herself and her life is turned magically, dizzyingly upside down.

Review - This book is aimed at YA but it is readable at any age.  I have passed on this give-away I won to my teenage daughter to read.  A nice story about twins who live with their father, a parson in the village of Swampsea.  They were brought up by their stepmother who was not all she seemed.  The story follows Briony and her connection with the 'Old Ones' and her developing feelings for Eldric, which she cannot justify when she is clearly a 'witch'.  Well written, with a gentle storyline which carries you along.  I look forward to reading my other win The Folk Keeper by this author. 3*

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