Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Book Review: Sea Lavender - Chika Onyenezi

Synopsis The voyage of Adrian, son of Ibem, tells the story of a wrongful coming of age. At a tender age he suffers the loss of his innocence; it marks an event that haunts his path through eternity.

Lost in a mirage of “life shaped as a sea voyage upon majestic and malevolent waves,” the sailor Adrian begins to recall events that molded his existence. Beginning with young Adrian in the arms of Her; a maid that raped him at the age of four, he remembers the event darkly as the large mahogany door standing upon its hinges. (Taken from Amazon)

Review - This is the second novel from Nigerian author Chika Onyenezi.  My knowledge of Nigeria as a country is fairly limited.  I know that the country has its share of troubles and political corruption.

Adrian has a troubled start in life with perhaps little hope.  He manages to educate himself to go to University.  University life is not plain sailing, it is a political place and there are many cults who are trying to make their mark.  Adrian embarks on a journey during his student days which takes him further than I believe, even he thought he would go.  By that, I mean the choices he makes and the path that he inevitably chooses to follow.  Each chapter is introduced with a passage referring to sailing and the sea - this is a reference to the life he leads as a cult member.  The cult references itself to Vikings who worship the Norse god Odin.

This book was quite different to my usual reading material and I found it quite interesting, to learn a little about Nigeria.  It made a pleasant change to read something new.  3*

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