Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's A Wrap - Round Up and Forward Look

I have decided to get this out of the way promptly as I have a busy week ahead catching up on reviews.  It was great to spend most of the summer school holiday away but now it's back to reality.  After having been a lady of leisure for most of the year (not initially through choice), I now have to plan what I shall do over the coming months.  I have taken advantage of an offer from work which has enabled me to enjoy the summer months of freedom and have two holidays in the UK and France.  Between participating in a couple of courses, voluntary work and looking for a part time job, I hope to have time to be able to keep the blog going on a regular basis.

August Round Up

Books read and reviewed
Committed - Elizabeth Gilbert 3*
Room - Emma Donaghue 3*
The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank (I did not review this book as I felt it was not appropriate to do so.  I posted my thoughts.)
Fever Pitch - Nick Hornby 3* (Review to be posted soon)
Understanding Exposure (3rd Edition/Revised and Updated) - Bryan Peterson 4* (Review to be posted soon)
Freakonomics - Steven D Levitt & Stephen J Dubner 3* (Review to be posted soon)

Look Ahead at September
Life of Pi - Yann Martel (currently reading)
The Alias - Mandi Slack ( pending author interview)
September Reading Group Choice
TBR choices

Plans for the Blog This Month
As I have reached 100 followers I am belatedly offering up a giveaway to be posted soon (hopefully later this week).
I am hoping to ask a willing author to interview on the blog.
I would also like to offer a monthly spot to interview a fellow blogger.  Interested parties please leave a comment with your blog URL.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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