Saturday, 6 August 2011

Catching Up - Round Up and Look Ahead

A quick round up of July's reviews and a look ahead at August's reads.  My feet are just sweeping the ground this week after a vacation in West Wales and before I go offline for a short while.  This is going to be one busy week!

July Round Up - Books Read and Reviewed
Chop Suey - Ty Hutchinson 3* (e-book and LibraryThing giveaway)
Wired - Douglas E Richards 5* (e-book and LibraryThing giveaway)
Counting From Zero - Alan B Johnston 3* (e-book and LibraryThing giveaway)
Barbary Point - Alan Nayes 4* (e-book and LibraryThing giveaway)
Tales From Gundarland - Hank Quense 3* (e-book and LibraryThing giveaway)
Shelter (Blood Haze Book One) - Tara Shuler 3* (e-book and LibraryThing giveaway)
Signs and Wonders - Alex Adena 3* (e-book and LibraryThing giveaway)
Santa Fe Fandango - Elinor Groves 3* (e-book and LibraryThing early reviewers)
Reign of the Nightmare Prince - Mike Phillips 2* (e-book and LibraryThing early reviewers)
Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert 4* (review to be posted shortly)

August Forward Look 
Not much planned ahead this month.

Committed - Elizabeth Gilbert (Special book group review for local library)
Room - Emma Donaghue (Book group monthly read)
Choices from my TBR.

Happy Reading!

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