Saturday, 16 July 2011

Signs and Wonders - Alex Adena

Synopsis - Most children are told they can be doctors, lawyers — even astronauts. Not Annie Grace. Since childhood she’s been raised to be a miracle worker, capable of healing all that ails the followers of her father’s faith-healing crusade. Fame and riches flowed.
Now 20 years later and unable to remember any miracles, Annie goes through the motions of running her late father’s ministry. She no longer performs before 50,000 in stadiums, to the dismay of a ministry staff accustomed to hefty salaries. Her only real friend is Ernesto, a personal assistant she has known since childhood.
As Annie’s faith fades, the ministry comes under attack. The new Dallas County district attorney, driven by his own loss, wants to prosecute Annie for the death of a young girl that she and her father failed to “cure.” Congressional subpoenas threaten to put Annie’s personal life and the ministry’s finances under a spotlight while a pesky television reporter has obtained embarrassing secret-camera footage that could destroy everything.
In the midst of this chaos, strange and unexplained healings begin to happen around Annie. Has a lifelong charlatan suddenly become a miracle worker?
Annie’s journey to answer that question takes her from the mansions of Dallas to a small Mexican town struggling for its own survival. Now that her facade has crumbled, Annie must look inside her soul for the first time, searching for the meaning of these Signs and Wonders(Taken from Signs and Wonders)

Review -  I won this e-book from LibraryThing Members Giveaways.  This is a novella which I found quite easy and quick to read.  At first glance I wasn't quite sure about the book but it did improve as the story progressed and unfolded.  Annie and Ernesto were the strongest characterisations and Ernesto came across the most likeable.  The story did jump about a bit and could have been explored further with some deeper character formations, particularly the adversaries.  I think this would have given a deeper understanding of their actions, particularly Bobby and her sidekick.  An interesting storyline. 3*

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