Monday, 18 July 2011

Santa Fe Fandango - Elinor Groves

Synopsis - Matti Glover is thrilled to learn that hot Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Reed is not only filming a movie in Santa Fe, but staying in the exclusive complex where she's housesitting.  She rescues him from a busload of teenage girls, and grateful and intrigued, he asks her for a date.  Matti's caught up in a Cinderella dream come true--until midnight hits and it's pumpkin time.  (Taken from Book View Cafe)

Review - I won this e-book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers.  Elinor Groves is the nom de plume of Pati Nagle who hails from New Mexico.  An easy to read romance that would come under the chicklit genre.  Good characterisations and slow-burning storyline which evolved quite nicely.  Usually chicklit is noted for its humour as well as predictable romance, this story did not have me laughing as often as I would have expected.  I did find the story very predictable and you knew something would go wrong but I was surprised to find this happening so close to the end.  Unfortunately, the ending did not play out as well as I would have liked, it did seem a bit rushed and unreal.  Do our heroes usually have a change of heart quite so quickly?  It must have been that teardrop.  3*

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