Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Look at Flower - Robert Dunn

Synopsis - Capturing the zeitgeist of 1967, this story follows a young girl named Flower as she discovers the hippie counterculture. At turns na├»ve and wise beyond her years, scruffy yet beautiful, heedlessly adventurous and endlessly savvy, Flower is a character for any time, not just her own. From "Cowtown, Oregon,” Flower runs away to San Francisco to experience the Summer of Love and then goes off on train-hopping, hitchhiking adventures across the USA, with stints working at a bank and at a summer camp disguised as a boy, and stays at both a timber camp and then a commune called Old Bison. A picaresque journey, this tale explores the music, romance, politics, and world-changing dreams of the late 1960s. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - Robert Dunn was born in 1950 and would remember the hippie era in the USA.  The prologue sets the scene where the story of Flower is a diary of a Mother's life before she married and had children.

I was not keen on the writing style of the 'diary', perhaps that is the lingo of the hippie era in America but for me it did not translate into writing particularly well.   Certainly Flower wanted to follow the hippie dream of freedom but managed to hold onto her own morals, staying out of the drug culture and not wanting to get personally involved in any wrongdoing.  Her life was an adventure and she certainly came out with luck on her side.  The story was quite entertaining telling us about her scrapes, travels and the people she met along the way.  The book could be described as a road trip.  

There was not enough depth for me, it was so light that I read it in a day.  I think the story could have been developed and explored further.  I wonder if the author ran out of steam or just got bored with the idea. 2*

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