Monday, 9 May 2011

The Winter Ghosts - Kate Mosse

Synopsis - The Great War took much more than lives. It robbed a generation of friends, lovers and futures. In Freddie Watson's case, it took his beloved brother and, at times, his peace of mind. In the winter of 1928, still seeking resolution, Freddie is travelling through the French Pyrenees. During a snowstorm, his car spins off the mountain road. He stumbles through woods, emerging in a tiny village. There he meets Fabrissa, a beautiful woman also mourning a lost generation. Over the course of one night, Fabrissa and Freddie share their stories. By the time dawn breaks, he will have stumbled across a tragic mystery that goes back through the centuries. (Taken from Goodreads)

Review - What a lovely story, well written and beautifully told.  Freddie has found some parchment written in Occitane, the old language, he takes it to a bookseller to be translated.  The bookseller asks Freddie how he came by the parchment and he is told the story of Freddie's journey.  It is an amazing journey of discovery in many ways, historically, and also emotionally as Freddie is able to come to terms with the death of the brother he lost in the war.  His discoveries not only help him but also the inhabitants of the village of Nulle where great sadness hangs in a grey cloud.  4*

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