Friday, 20 May 2011

What the Postman Delivered.....and other news

Late post as these came a couple of days ago.

The Duchess by Amanda Foreman from for me, and
Crushes, Cliques and the Cool School Trip (Allie's world series) by Karen McCombie from for the girl.

Last night was book group and the five of us who managed to make it discussed The Loop by Nicholas Evans (see my review posted earlier in the week) which we all enjoyed.  June's read is Love in a Cold Climate and other Stories by Nancy Mitford which I have ordered from the library.

As of Wednesday I am now temporarily a lady of leisure.  I applied for the offer at work and was lucky enough to be allowed to go.  I met up with my colleagues for a farewell lunch yesterday and came home with a lovely Waterstones gift voucher for £30.  Now I am going to sit and make a list of all the books I want to buy.

Watch this space!

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