Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Me Cheeta - The Autobiography

Synopsis - Plucked from millions of hopefuls in the jungles of Liberia, Cheeta became an international screen icon from the moment of his debut in 1934's Tarzan and His Mate.  He went on to star in a further nine Tarzan pictures, and later in Doctor Dolittle with the apalling Rex Harrison, before his battles with substance abuse forced him into early retirement.  He now lives happily in Palm Springs where he has re-invented himself as a globally acclaimed abstract painter.

Review - Unusual for me to post twice in one day but I wanted to get this one done.  A bit like how I felt about finishing the book. 

An 'autobiography' of Cheeta, a leading light in the Tarzan movies.  When I first started the book I thought, oh good, this will be very funny.  Initially it held that promise and seemed to run in a similar vein to David Niven's tales with all intimate details of what the stars really got up to.  However, half way through it started to pall and I begun to get bored.  I did persevere and half heartedly managed to finish the book.  I was disappointed because it had pretty good reviews but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  I think it could have been condensed and still wouldn't lose anything.  2*

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