Thursday, 26 May 2011

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend - Jenny Colgan

Synopsis - Sophie Chesterton has been living the high life of glamorous parties, men and new clothes, never thinking about tomorrow.  But after one shocking evening, she comes back down to earth with the cruellest of bumps.  Facing up to life in the real world for the first time, Sophie quickly realises that when you've hit rock bottom, the way only way is up.

Join her as she starts life all over again: from cleaning toilets for a living to the joys of bring-your-own-booze parties; from squeezing out that last piece of lip gloss from the tube to bargaining with bus drivers.

Review - This was the light relief I needed after the last book I read.  And bang went my reading plan for the rest of May.

I enjoyed this book, I'm not big on chicklit as a general rule but this was light, funny and had the necessary ingredients to make it work.  You can imagine the privileged being rather naive about how the less fortunate mass of the population live, managing for themselves.  I was a little surprised about Eck, without spoiling the review I am not going to elaborate.  However the outcome was fairly predictable. 3*

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