Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Secret Cinderella Story by Carolyn Turgeon

Synopsis - What would you do if you could make dreams come true?  If you could ensure that Cinderella met her Prince, that sparks flew, romance blossomed, and most of all, that everyone lived happily ever after?

Because fairy godmothers are as flawed as the rest of us, and temptation is a terrible thing...  Meet sweet, well-meaning Lillian, who opens the quiet bookshop in Manhattan's West Village every morning; but whose dark past contains a desperate act, a dramatic banishment, and a guilty secret she has carried with her for centuries.  Only one kind deed done for love will break the spell that has kept Lillian from home for so long - but can she succeed in making her own dreams come true at last?

Review - I almost feel this book could have been written for me.  As a little girl I wanted to be a fairy, not Cinderella who met the handsome Prince.  That was probably because I didn't want to be scrubbing kitchen floors - a task I'm not keen on now!  No, I definitely wanted to be the wand - holder with the ability to grant wishes.  My next admission is my love of books, so working in a bookshop, is my idea of heaven.

I loved this story, so beautifully told.  I felt really sorry for Lillian trapped in the world of humans and having to hide her wings.  What about all those bothersome feathers?  After all, she wasn't really wicked, she made a mistake, it could happen to anyone.  I liked the characters, George the bookstore owner, Veronica the customer who Lillian helps to find the man of her dreams.  Even the landlord, the grandson who inherits the building and sells the property to a developer.

I liked the way the author gives the reader a choice at the end.  To believe in the fairytale or is Lillian just an eccentric old lady.  3*

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