Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Magicians - Lev Grossman

Synopsis - Quentin Coldwater's life is changed by an apparently chance encounter: when he turns up for his entrance interview to Princeton he finds his interviewer dead - but a strange envelope bearing Quentin's name leads him down a very different path to any he'd ever imagined.

The envelope, and the mysterious manuscript it contains, leads to a secret world of obsession and privilege, a world of freedom and power and, for a while, its a world that seems to answer all Quentin's desires.  But the idyll cannot last - and when it's finally shattered, Quentin is drawn into something darker and far more dangerous than anything he could have expected...

Review - When I asked my friend on Saturday if she had started the book group read for this month, she said it was a bit like Harry Potter and she was enjoying it.  So on Sunday, I got stuck in.  Yes, I agree with my friend it is a Harry Potter for adults.  It is not quite as fast paced and there is not so much adventure packed in from start to finish but this book is certainly a good, fun read.  All five years are spent at Brakebills College, which is equivalent to higher education level (as opposed to Harry Potter's secondary education with each book containing one year at Hogwarts), are packed into the first two thirds of the book.  It is after graduation from Brakebills that the real adventure starts, although Quentin and his peers have had a taste of what lays ahead.  They encounter death, love, magic, bad and good and you could say that the welters game is the chess equivalent of Hogwarts quidditch which is played for trophies.  There are some similarities and Harry Potter is referenced in this story.  This book is a different choice for my book group, but for me it is certainly one of the better choices.  4*

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