Friday, 1 April 2011

Library Loot and What the Postman Brought...

Yesterday the postman brought me a bookmooch ( - How to Lose a Husband and Gain a Wife by Bernadette Strachan.

Later in the day, after our visit to the dentist the girlie and I popped into the library and came out with some loot.
My loot:
Noah's Compass - Anne Tyler
The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver
Beyond Black - Hilary Mantel
Delicious - Nicky Pellegrino
Winterton Blue - Trezza Azzopardi

The girlie's loot:
Point Blanc - Anthony Horowitz
Mates, Dates, The Secret Story - Cathy Hopkins
Gifted - Marilyn Kaye
Fallen Grace - Mary Hooper
Air Head - Meg Cabot

Today the postman brought my book circle read ( which I cannot possibly disclose.

April is another busy reading month for us both.  Happy Reading to all!

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