Friday, 15 April 2011

Delicious - Nicky Pellegrino

Synopsis - When the bus rolled into San Giulio's little piazza later with a screech of brakes, no one looked twice at the dark girl struggling clumsily out of the doors with her small battered suitcase.

Franco could easily have glimpsed her from his spot behind the counter but he was busy with customers in his bustling cafe.

Giovanni who'd run across the road to fetch a newspaper, did notice her and paused for a second.  She looked so beaten and exhausted as she lifted her bag that he almost offered to help her with it.  But there was something in her eyes that didn't invite an approach and in the end he let her walk off without saying a word, her big belly sticking out in front of her as she made her way uncomfortably down the street.  Maria Domenica had come home at last.

Review - Set between Italy and England this book is about a young woman, who through family troubles has to flee her Italian home to maintain both her own and her daughter's safety.  In Liverpool she searches for her daughter's real father, but finds love with another man where the three are a safe family unit.  It is after her mother's death, that Chiara the daughter discovers the truth and travels to Italy in search of her mother's childhood home and to discover the identity of her real father.

The author takes you on a journey of love and discovery.  Set in beautiful Italy you get a real flavour for the small village life as well as the love of food and sense of family honour.  Later in the book we are treated to some authentic recipes as Chiara learns to cook real Italian food with her Grandmother.  A truly, enjoyable book, I loved it. 4*

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