Monday, 7 March 2011

The Tenth Circle - Jodi Picoult

Synopsis - Daniel Stone thought it would never happen to him.  How could it?  When his daughter's face lit up every time she saw him, when he'd been the centre of her world for her whole life.  Recently without him noticing, his daughter is gone and in her place is a stranger.  Until the night 14 year old Trixie comes home from a party claiming she was raped, she suddenly needs him more than ever.  Because the whole school knew Jason Underhill broke Trixie's heart, but that doesn't make him a rapist, does it?

Review - This is a book that will tug at the parent of any teenage girl.  My own daughter is a young teenager and I wonder where my little girl has gone.  It is a difficult age stuck between childhood and adulthood.  Picoult takes you back to Trixie's childhood where she escaped from her stroller while her father frantically runs around trying to find her.  We can all identify with that, it does not take a second.  We also gain insight into Daniel's (her father) background and former life.  I do not want put spoilers into the review so I will say very little of the storyline.  What parent would not go to the end of the earth to protect their child or cover for them.  It explores family issues where a family is turned upside down not only by what has happened to Trixie but by her mother's mistake.  I found I could empathise with the Stone family and with the detective who at the end of the day was just doing his job.  A recommended read. 4*

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