Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - JK Rowling

That's another Harry Potter I've read this year, only two more to go.  What fun!  More adventures and scrapes for Harry, Hermione and the gang as they enter their fifth year at Hogwarts.  What changes?  Another rogue teacher for the Defence Against the Dark Arts classes, this one sent from the Ministry to spy on Dumbledore and Harry Potter of course.  We see the vague Professor Trelawney sacked, Hagrid is missing at the beginning of term, Dumbledore ousted from his post and Professor McGonagle hit with a curse from not one but four wands.  And, of course Lord Who Must Not Be Named is up to his tricks again.  This time indulging in some ESP or mind control, and you can guess who's mind he is infiltrating.  Plenty of laughs as Harry, Ron and Neville mess up their potions and spells and the Weasley twins up to their usual tricks. 4*

Let me leave you with this little treat:

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