Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Gift - Cecelia Ahern

Synopsis - If you could wish for one gift this Christmas, what would it be?
Lou Suffern wishes he could be in two places at once.  His constant battle with the clock is a sensitive issue with his wife and family.
Gabe is the homeless man who sits outside Lou's office.  When Lou invites Gabe into the building and into his life, Lou's world is changed beyond all measure...

Review - Okay, I read this book during Lent.  This book was published in time for Christmas 2009 as a Christmas read.  But tell me, I'm not the only one to watch Love Actually and The Holiday at anytime of year.  They are feel good movies which just happen to be set over Christmas time.
This book didn't do it for me, and not just because I read it at the wrong time of year.  I didn't enjoy it as much as PS I Love You.  I get the idea, the scenario is supposed to make you think about the importance of time.  To realise that life is not just about rushing from one thing to another.  It reinforces the work/ life balance message.  There are shades of Lou Suffern in us all.  He is extremely ambitious aiming to get to the top, trying to attend every meeting he is asked to attend.  And like so many he does not appear to delegate - he is a perfectionist after all.  During all this he neglects his wife and children, and he cannot remember much going on in the lives of his parents or siblings.  Gabriel or Gabe (I think is no less than the Angel Gabriel in vagabond form) walks into his life and Lou learns a lesson over a period of time.  Gabe gives Lou a gift.  2*.

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