Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Charlotte Gray - Sebastian Faulks

Synopsis - In 1942, Charlotte Gray, heads for Occupied France on a dual mission - officially to run a simple errand for a British special operations group and unofficially to search for her English airman missing in action.  As the people in Lavaurette prepare to meet their terrible destiny, the harrowing truth of what took place in 'the dark years' is revealed.
Review - I saw this film starring Cate Blanchett in the lead role a few years ago.  Reading the book now, it was interesting to compare book and film.  Of course, the book wins hands down!  Sebastian Faulks is an incredible writer who tranports you straight to the heart of his novels.  I have read Birdsong and this book is even better.  The characters of worth are instantly likeable and the enemy, despicable.  It is through Faulks knowledge of France that you get a real flavour for the country and an understanding of what it must have been like for the inhabitants under German occupation.  The resistance were incredibly brave.  This novel takes you on an emotional journey, as well as giving a valuable history lesson.  4*

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