Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Angels and Demons - Dan Brown

Synopsis - When a world renowned scientist is found brutally murdered, a Harvard professor, Robert Langdon, is summoned to identify the mysterious symbol seared onto the dead man's chest.  His conclusion: it is the work of the illuminati. a secret brotherhood presumed extinct for nearly four hundred years - now reborn to continue their bitter vendetta against their sworn enemy, the Catholic church.
In Rome, the college of cardinals assembles to elect a new pope.  Yet somewhere within the walls of the Vatican, an unstoppable bomb of terrifying power relentlessly counts down to oblivion.  While minutes tick away, Langdon joins forces with Vittoria Vetra, a beautiful and mysterious Italian scientist, to decipher the laberynthine trail of ancient symbols that snakes across Rome to the long-forgotten Illuminati lair - a secret refuge wherein lies the only hope for the Vatican.
But, with each revelation comes another twist, another turn in the plot, which leaves Langdon and Vetra reeling and and at the mercy of a seemingly invincible enemy...

Review - Dan Brown does it again!  An excellent, fast paced, action packed thriller.  How does he pack so much into so little time to save the day?  Our heroes Langdon and Vetra are like superheroes without the powers, although someone must be looking down on them as they survive some hairy situations.  Of course, there is the twist as mentioned in the synopsis - the enemy you least expect.  What I like about Brown's books is that there is always a puzzle or conundrum that needs to be solved.  You not only have a good plot but you learn some history as you go along.  Of course, there is some artistic license but it helps to embellish  the good storyline.  I saw the film before reading the book and of course they always edit, so we see differences in the story.  The ever reliable Tom Hanks makes a good Langdon but I was pleased the film did not home in on the relationship with Vittoria Vetra, and focussed on the plot and main story.  A 5* read.

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