Thursday, 17 February 2011

Non Book Review - My thoughts

I have recently finished reading JK Rowlings's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Everyman's Poetry - Samuel Coleridge Taylor.  The Harry Potter series have been out for years and both books and films have been reviewed hundreds of times all over the world.  I don't like reading a series in one fell swoop preferring to select books from my TBR shelves at random.  I like to choose from a variety of books on my shelves along with my Reading Group's monthly book choice and online Book Circle's monthly "surprise" packages.
I am in awe of Ms Rowling's imagination, although I was an imaginative child I could not have dreamt a world of wizardry and Hogwarts or the characters and creatures.  The amazing thing is that the actors could have been made for their book characters.  The late Richard Harris epitomises Dumbledore with the twinkly blue eyes and kindly manner.  Who else could have been the slimy Severus Snape other than Alan Rickman?  The fourth book is my favourite to date ( having only read the first four of the series).  The balance for me is perfect with not too much of the malevolent Malfoy but enough new characters and creatures to add interest and keep you on your toes.  This book brought the escapism and adventure that I needed at this time.
I like poetry in moderation but do not turn to it very often.  However, I found STC's works relaxing and in a way therapeutic.  I read the poems as an observer.  I am not studying and therefore do not need to dissect or analyse the text.  The easy pentameter rolled along with the wonderful vocabulary.  STC is a poet whose work I could understand quite easily without having to re-read stanzas to grasp the meaning or story.  Poetry in meditation, definitely.

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