Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Book Review - An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell

Synopsis - Ten years ago, Lola Malone was offered £10,000 but there was a catch.  The person offering was her boyfriend's mother and it was on condition that Lola broke up with her beloved son.  Initially outraged as nothing could tear them apart.  Lola discovered a terrible secret and suddenly she had no choice but to take the money and disappear.  Fate has brought them together again and her feelings are as strong as ever.  But she broke his heart and he's about to learn that she was paid to do it.  She can never tell him the truth.
Review - I read this book immediately after A Prodigal Summer (see review below) and that book was far superior.  I question whether that has made any difference to my review.  I have read a couple of Jill Mansell's chick lit books previously and they were readable when choice was limited.  Marginally better than An Offer You Can't Refuse.  One of the main ingredients to good chick lit is humour.  The heroine has to be someone you can relate to or even admire (give or take one or two embarassing situations!).  This book was distinctly lacking in the humour department, I think I managed a tweak of the corners of my mouth in one or two places but certainly didn't cry with laughter.  I could not relate to the characters either.  Even the goodhearted and supposedly average intelligent Lola came across a weak character and certainly not that bright.  Despite Lola's derogatory reference to Dougie's pretty girlfriend Isobel about being all looks and no brain.  Isobel turned out to have more brain than Lola.  Somehow the characterisations didn't quite add up.  The writing is of a low quality, not the worst I have read but in comparison to my previous read quite boring.  This book will not be listed in my Top Recommends which will soon be posted on my blog.  I have another of Ms Mansell's books sitting on my tbr pile but I think I may put it up for swap/mooch and not bother reading it after all.  2*

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