Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Post

Another year gone by, where does time fly.  We say that every year but it's true.
Chris came home for his birthday weekend and we went to a lovely Indian restaurant called Mowgli's.  I would recommend it to anyone.  We are in the process of decorating Richard’s room to make it a nice guest room, unfortunately a leak in the kitchen interrupted that job.  Fingers crossed it will just be done in time for Richard’s return.   Yes, we were one of the unfortunate to suffer from cracked pipes due to the freezing temperatures.  We had an interesting evening spent with no electricity, water or heating apart from the gas fire in the living room.  We sat in candlelight eating chips out of paper on the floor huddled by the fire and were lost without TV and computers.  I think we should have an evening without mod cons once a week, we might actually talk, lol!! 
I had my works Christmas do last week and also our book club met for nibbles and wine.  We did our usual book dip which is always fun and this year I think we got it right.  I don't think anyone ended up with anything they didn't want.
I finally got most of my Christmas shopping finished last night and I'm hoping that the snow won't be so bad that I can't finish it next week.  I am looking forward to the boys coming home and having a relaxing (I hope) time.  I am taking time off between Christmas and New Year.
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I will leave you with a fun Christmas ride on Santa's bus.

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