Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Book Review - Warnings of Gales by Annie Sanders

Synopsis - Three women rent a holiday house in Cornwall for the summer, and bring children, expectations and baggage of all kinds.
Imogen who organised the holiday is efficient with three children who are the centre of her world.  She is determined that everything will be perfect.  Sophie is far more relaxed and although she knows the children should eat healthy food, she is relaxed about them eating the odd burger.  Then there's Jo, a single mother and GP who isn't keen on 'group activities' and really just wants to put her feet up.
Review - This book was a welcome light refreshing read after Jodi Picoult.  Really, a summer holiday read it was light enough to sail through and make you laugh.  Imogen the perfect domestic goddess who could give Nigella a run for her money.  Impeccable manners and well brought up children in English suburbia where ethnic is non existent.  Sophie her laid back schoolfriend who doesn't seem to have let her boarding school upbringing rub off.  She enjoys a healthy marriage to her husband and is the mother of two girls.  Jo the single mother GP, is a friend of Sophie's who has been asked at the last minute when another friend Carolyn, dropped out.  Jo has one son of mixed race and her parenting is very laid back compared to her housemates.  An interesting mix and of course, some rubbing up the wrong way at the outset.  The children all get along like a house on fire, particularly Jo's son and Imogen's eldest.  Imogen recognises a softness in Finn and starts to spoil him by baking him an out of this world birthday cake.  This upsets his mother Jo who is made to feel less than adequate by an unwitting Imogen.  Sophie is the peacemaker in the middle.  The husbands arrive for a weekend and you get a flavour of the selfish, workaholic Guy married to Imogen and the family orientated Hugh married to Sophie.  Imogen's marriage soon turns out to be less than ideal when the plans to move to Hong Kong with Guy's bank suddenly change to a move to Jakarta.  Sophie and Hugh make up for lost time when together and Jo meets a man.  A good fun story set in lovely Cornwall, what more could you ask.  3*

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