Friday, 12 November 2010

November and the Christmas Lights are on in town

Well, doesn't time fly by!  So what has been happening in my world.  Dinner with friends, girlie attending parties.  We went to Lille for a week in half term, staying in a gite near the Belgian border.  We visited the Palais de Beaux Artes where there were many beautiful paintings, the Saatchi exhibition and La Piscine which holds some modern and other forms of art including a special Degas exhibit.  We took a trip to Ypres and checked out the WW1 museum and sites. Bruges was lovely despite the afternoon rain but some real Belgian chocolate made up for that.  Sadly the art gallery which usually holds works by Rene Magritte and Heironymous Bosch was closed.  We came back on Halloween weekend and a visit to a friends party was a pleasant end to a long day travelling.
We are in the process of embarking on decorating one of the bedrooms to make it more of a guest room and somewhere pleasant for the boy's to stop in on their return from University.  Paint swatches and flooring decisions to be made, what fun!  This is the interior designer wannabe coming out.
I haven't really started to think about Christmas shopping although two pressies have been purchased already to be put away by OH.  I have been asked how many scout stamps I require - erm, I think I'd better get the Christmas cards out and check my list.

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