Sunday, 28 November 2010

Book Review - Marley and Me by John Grogan

Synopsis - John and Jenny were young and newlywed, with a perfect house and not a care in the world.  They brought home Marley, a furball of a puppy.  Marley grew into an uncontrollable 97lb Labrador retriever.  He was expelled from obedience school and even the tranquillisers prescribed by the vet didn't calm him down.  Yet he won the hearts of his family and remained fully devoted to them until the end.

Review - This book is a must read for dog owners and dog lovers.  Even if you don't own or have even thought of owning a dog this is still a good book to read.  It may put you off labrador retreivers but it will make you see the positive side of having a dog.  Schmaltzy yes, but a wonderful insight into the life and adventures of Marley and the Grogan family.  I saw the film first by coincidence, the DVD was on offer and on my daughter's list of "must see movies".  I have to say the film remained true to the book and it was easy on the eye with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in the leading roles.  Dogs are a huge responsibility and this book shows just that.  The attention, devotion and love that was put into Marley's life shows just how it can and did pay off.  Hilarious and a light read if you don't want anything too difficult or taxing.  3*

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