Friday, 8 October 2010

Not much news!

Here we are in October and not a lot to report.  My boys are back at their respective Universities and the girlie settled back into school.  The house is quiet without two strapping lads and all their belongings but it's nice not to fall over stuff!
I had a fab day out to Manchester and what a busy day it was too.  I travelled up on the train with Labour party constituency delegates who were attending the conference in Manchester and staying for the duration.  Lovely, interesting ladies too.  I was met at the station by some of the RISI friends I had lunch with, we had a book swap too.  The journey home was a bit livelier as the train was full of Man City and Chelsea fans.  We were joined by Southend fans who had been playing Gloucester.  Last week I met up with my old work friends for a meal, nice food and company, we always have a good laugh.  My cousin and her daughter visited the following day bringing a bag full of clothes for my girl who enjoyed herself rummaging and then modelling them.  It was reading group last night, only a few of us this time.  We were very civilised but gave a thumbs down to The Reader by Bernard Schlink.
Monday is our 30th Wedding Anniversary and we are looking forward to celebrating later in the month.  I may be persuaded to crack open a bottle of champagne on Monday evening.
Am I the only one who hasn't given any thought to Christmas?  I am absolutely amazed by my friends who have already made their cakes or bought the ingredients.  I made puddings last year but good old M&S may have to do this year.  We're not great Christmas cake eaters anyway, I often make a Dundee cake - now maybe I'll do that!

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