Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Book Review - The Narrows by Michael Connelly

I have been lent an omnibus edition containing two stories from Michael Connelly. I have just finished the first book The Narrows. This is my third read of the Harry Bosch series and I guess it doesn't help if you don't read them in order. Things have jumped a bit as this book contains his first meeting with Rachel Walling (I had already read Echo Park). The Poet aka Robert Bacchus appears in this book an ex FBI agent, obviously a "morph" as opposed to an "empath".
Bosch is a PI having taken retirement from LAPD and has been employed by his ex partners widow to investigate her husband's death. After reading McCaleb's files, emails and photos, Bosch goes on a journey to find Bacchus who he believes killed McCaleb. As usual Bosch brushes with the FBI and is joined by the FBI outcast Walling who has been brought into the hunt for 'The Poet' as bait. Needless to say she provides some lurve interest on the way.
I seem to be having a bit of a crime novel spree at the moment and the Bosch novels provide some light entertainment with some darkness thrown in (after all it's a crime novel). Pacy and enough to keep you interested but for me the sort of book you'd take on holiday.

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