Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Summer Sun, Festivals, Picnics and BBQ's

I am into the fourth week of my new post and enjoying the new challenges and learning about new stuff. So, what else? My cousin Jude got married yesterday in Las Vegas and I have yet to catch the wedding on videolink. I have seen the photos on Facebook and she looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Today I collected my snazzy new specs and I am loving them. They weren't cheap but well, I'm worth it (shakes head L'Oreal ad style).
On the Festival note, OH and I watched Muse's headline act live on TV with friends on Saturday and weren't they just the biz! Fantastic show, even OH was impressed. I have now signed up to their website and will receive up to date info on their tours etc. I'll become a proper Muse fan/groupie like my friend.
The girlie had a school trip to Aber for 3 days. She got home very tired on Friday eve, went out at 11.30am on Saturday to her friend's beach party, slept over came home on Sunday morning and immediately went to the park with another friend all afternoon. What a life? I'm so jealous!! Big son returned for the hols a week ago with his washing and luggage, he has just got himself sorted and his brother comes back tomorrow. More washing and stuff!! I love having them home.
We had a lovely trip to Somerset to meet the ReaditSwapit folk from that area. We met for coffee, browsed in the Bookbarn and then had a lovely lunch at the Old Station Inn. All of us in a railway carriage. They are a great crowd and I would recommend anyone to join RISI, the chatrooms are good too.
Talking of food, I have enjoyed meals with friends, an evening at Mina's (Lebanese) with girlfriends and at a rather nouveau cuisine place called Hudderts with old work mates. Service was rather good, as yours truly forgot her reading glasses and they provided me with a pair!
Some mini book reviews - Beneath the Skin By Nicci French a crime novel about three women stalked by the same man. The first woman receives threatening letters but the police fail to take them seriously, she gets murdered. Woman no 2 receives these letters and gets police protection as they are treating it as a potential murder case. However they wrongly arrest her husband, reduce their cover and she gets murdered. Woman no 3 goes to the police and they treat it very seriously but she does her own investigations......I'm not going to spoil it for you.
Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult Another good book from this author about a prosecutor who tries child abuse cases. She discovers her own child has been abused and takes the law into her own hands.
The Debutante Divorcee by Plum Sykes awful, but could be good if it really was a take on the lives on New Yorks rich and famous pretty young things. Lightweight, not for me.

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