Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First attempt at a proper blog

So what's happening? Decorating, very time consuming but coming along nicely thanks. Fitted wardrobe almost done and matches the Ikea chest of drawers. Walls stripped, sanded and ready to go.
I've been catching up with my mates - coffee mornings that sort of thing. It's a shame work gets in the way but one has to earn a living! I had a flying visit down to the south east and caught up with cousins. Do visit Tulley's Farm near Turners Hill if you're in Sussex - it's great for kids. Check out the website on my weblist.
I'm looking forward to Reading group tomorrow, it will be great to catch up with everyone. I hope Anna has a good choice of books for us, she certainly does great nibbles and the wine will flow!! Friday is the reunion, the second get together of work colleagues from years past and present. It will be fun to see who turns up, I am hoping for a better turnout than the last and first one.
You may wonder why I have Robbie Williams on my music list. I know he's gone off the boil somewhat since he's trip to rehab. I think he should cut his losses and rejoin Take That - would they cope with another ego?!! Robbie has definitely lost it, musically very bland and prancing around as an overgrown bunny just doesn't cut it. I like his old stuff particularly Swing When You're Winning.
My book reads this month have been a little disappointing. Ordinary Thunderstorms took me half way before I could really get into it and then to be left hanging at the end. Yes, they are together but do they marry, have kids or does his potential killer return to finish him off? I want an answer, I don't want to be left to finish the story. The Infidelity Chain was one of the worst chick lits I have read, lazy writing and too repetitive. I am only one third through The White Tiger and the jury is still out, to be updated.

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